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Why I'm Running

I grew up in the 71st district and graduated from Lewis County High School in Hohenwald, TN. I attended Columbia State and majored in Criminal Justice at MTSU. I spent the next 4 years in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. My career in law enforcement spanned 38 years during which I rose from State Trooper to the highest-ranking law officer in our state; Director of Criminal Investigation. Since then, I have been retired from law enforcement for 7 years.

For years, the legislature has voted against the Medicaid Expansion, a fact that has cost our state billions of dollars. It’s enough money to save all the rural hospitals that have been closed in this state. The legislature is directly responsible for the closure of most of the state’s rural hospitals that have closed even though it was supported by Governor Haslam. When I am elected, I will vote for this bill and support it when it comes up again.

Despite support from Governor Haslam, the state legislature turned down an infrastructure bill that would have brought billions of needed dollars to Tennessee. We would only have to have paid 10 cents on the dollar to get these federal funds. It was voted against even though 90% of the bridges in this state are substandard and in dire need of repair. Good roads are key to bringing good jobs to the state.

I want to spread high-speed internet throughout this district because it will bring in new industry and home-based businesses. We should connect high-speed internet to our rural schools so that our students can compete with those in metropolitan districts. The legislature has voted against allowing rural electric cooperatives and rural public service utility providers to deliver internet to their customers both industrial and residential, but I shall promote this promising service when I am elected.

I will argue for and vote to increase the minimum wage, so that people can earn a living wage. Too many of the citizens of this district have to work two and even three jobs because their jobs do not provide enough money to pay the rent, buy groceries or support their families. Tennessee should be a leader in the South East and establish its own living wage and provide for its citizens better access to the American Dream!

After living and working in Nashville for sixteen years, I know my way around the legislature and how to get things done. I worked directly under three governors and put together task forces and set up law enforcement enhancements that are still working well today. I have the skills and abilities to work with both sides of the aisle for my constituents; Republicans and Democrats alike. I have the passion for Tennessee to follow through with my promises to better our state. My love for this state is endless and that’s the reason why I decided to run for State Representative of the 71st House District.

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Make your voice heard, by voting in the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 6 (Early voting: October 17-November 1). The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018.